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Our Concrete

We’re the specialists in onsite concrete supplier anddelivery. We mixing on-site concrete companyensure you get the expected amount of concrete you require. IT MEANS PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE.

Our concrete is mixed on-site to ensure the customer only pays for what they use. This eliminates the problem of over or under ordering. Furthermore, there is no wastage or part load charges or the requirement to dispose of unused concrete.
The concrete can be transported in wheel barrows or using one of our concrete pumps. As the concrete is mixed on site, it is fresh within seconds of being poured and mix designs can be adjusted to customer requirements.
Our customers find this method of mixing concrete is more efficient, creates less mess and saves money, time and labour. Please feel free to contact a member of our team to further assist you with your requirements.

we offer concrete

  • C20
  • C25
  • C30
  • C35
  • C40
  • Screed

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